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    Brand Introduction


    Hikari is a new but excellent brand in world sewing machine industry,it has reached great achievement in new technology and automation. At least two of its products were widely imitated by other companies in the industry. In the middle and high-end endusers field,it is increasingly favored by  global customer who originally choose other international brand,more and more big customers are transferring to Hikari brand.

    Company Philosophy

    HIKARI always carries on with the principle of “Persistent as always”. Guided by science & technology, oriented with talented human resources, HIKARI is in eternal pursuit of innovative and humanized technologies.

    Together with the whole supply chain, HIKARI is dedicated to creating great customer values, as well as bringing large sum of fortunes for the development of society. Constant efforts have been paid to develop towards a first class professional and international corporation.

    Corporate Culture

    DECISIVENESS means the extraordinary courage once the decision is made, HIKARI would be intentionally targeted, regardless of difficulties and obstacles, making no excuses, enduring harsh sufferings, working especially hard, I.E. “Daring”

    PECULIARITY, means scientific rules followed, HIKARI dares to be peculiar, to pioneer the virgin land. Take advantage of reversed thinking, brain twisting and never follow the beaten track, while we encourage scientific experiment and attempts, I.E. “Innovative”

    TOPSPEED, means we manage to reach every target faster than any other competitor in discipline rules with no hustle. We would always be swift rather than be sloppy, or inactive waiting. Withholding the best time awareness, we tend to keep the time efficiency, which in turn, would prolong the concept of life and speed. Meanwhile, we shall always fight “blitz” combat to be faster, which is that we could have advanced further than our competitors can barely realize. IE “Swift”.




    HIKARI is dedicated to creating great customer values, as well as bringing large sum of fortunes for the development of society. Constant efforts have been paid to develop towards a first class professional and international corporation.

    Honor History

    • 2019

      HIKARI won the 2019 clothing industry with outstanding new technology achievements and solutions recommended project certificate of honor.
      Won the"intelligent technology promotion award for pregnant and infant children"

    • 2018

      Won the award of ‘Top 10 Enterprises For Garments Industry Sewing Machinery Industry’.
      In 2018,HIKARI wins the award of ‘Shanghai Advanced Enterprise in Economic and Social Development’ and is awarded as the key enterprise.

    • 2017

      HIKARI buttonhole machine receives CISMA 2017 Smart Sewing Demonstration Award for the invationof grabbing fabric with a robotic arm.
      In 2017, HIKAIR is awarded the Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Enterprise and at the same time

    • 2016

      HIKARI Computerized Direct Drive Intelligent High Speed Overlock Machine awarded Shanghai Light Industry Excellent Brand (Product) Prize.
      2015 China Kids Wear Media Brand Force
      Awarded the Prize of the China Best Overlock Sewing Machine Supplier for Kid

    • 2015

      Awarded the Prize of the China Best Sewing Equipment Supplier for Kids Wear
      Chinese National Brand in Sewing Machinery Industry
      Auto Feed Hem Overlocking Sewing Station (Operator-Free) awarded CISMA2015 First Prize.
      Auto Feed Button Holing Sewing Stati

    • 2013

      HK2900 Computerized Bar Tacking Machine awarded CISMA2013 Excellent New Product Prize.
      H9190 Industrial Lockstitch Sewing Machine awarded CISMA2013 Excellent New Product Prize.

    • 2012

      Financial Tax Payer Silver Prize
      Innovation Prize for Technological Corporation in 6th Wizard Cup
      National High & New Tech Corporation Prize
      National Key New Product Prize
      Recommended as “Shanghai Famous Brand

    • 2011

      2010 Large Taxpayer and Important Corporation
      Excellent Company of Reliable and Reputable Activity in Jinshan District
      2010 Top 20 Industrial Corporation in China Sewing Equipment Industry
      HIKARI is Awarded Shanghai Famous Brand

    • 2010

      National Level High Tech Corporation
      Shanghai Patent Technology Cultivating Corporation
      Top 50 Dealership Company in China Sewing Machinery Industry
      Jiangsu Union of Industry & Commerce Chamber of Commerce of Sewing Equipment Advisory Corporation

    • 2009

      2008 Outstanding Reliable and Reputable Company
      2008 Zhujing Jinshan District Large Taxpayer
      CISMA2009 Excellent Supplier of New Product and Project
      2009 Shanghai Equipment Manufacturer and High Tech Industry Innovative Brand

    • 2008

      2007 Zhujing Jinshan District Large Taxpayer
      “Apparel OEM Factory Solution Provider”Consultant
      Shanghai Famous Brand of the First Lot of Standardization of Computerized High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine Assembler Skill Contest in Sewing Machinery

    • 2007

      Shanghai Sewing Machinery Industry Association Group Member
      China Famous Trademark
      Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce of Apparel Sewing Equipment Trade Committee Appointed Advisor

    • 2006

      Famous Chinese Brand
      Quality Service Reputation AAA Brand
      Chinese Sewing Industry Top Ten Innovative Brand


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